Irenian Enclave

"Under the blue light."

The Irenian Enclave is a small independent polity located in the Pleiades nebula and formally attached to Communal Space. Born as a splinter of Laniakean settlements in the area the Irenian Enclave is a purely station-based polity with its capital located in Phi Clio Station. It is roughly forty years old and accounts for about five million people.

As a political power, it follows a structure that is rather common among smaller interstellar entities, with a constitutional framework uniting cooperative structures that may have slightly different governments. In the case of the Irenian Enclave, this constitutional framework is the Fundamental Law of Irenia. It is very similar to the Laniakean constitution but doesn't forbid private property entirely as it allows small family units to own means of productions. This change was implemented to adapt to the station-based nature of the Irenian Enclave where the basic social structure is made of three to five-person families. Though all stations under the Fundamental Law are democracies, they are not strictly identical in their political system.

Most of the population in the Irenian Enclave is made of genetically divergent humans with blue-tinted skin that can filter the heavy radiations from Pleiadian stars. Aside from station maintenance, the Irenian Enclave coordinates the local economy which is made of small family-owned workshops that often double as artistic communes. The hedonistic lifestyle of the Irenian community deploys its most creative aspects within this environment.

Surprisingly enough for such a small polity, the Irenian Enclaves have a well-developed presence in Communal Space, the Traverse and Mundis. Irenian workshops manufacture custom ships and space equipment to the specifications of foreign communes or even individuals. They never ask for money when trading as they only accept rare goods or artefacts. The Irenian Enclave maintains a surprisingly effective intelligence service that protects and authentifies these payments...and keeps an eye on potential clients. 

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