The Traverse

The Traverse lies 500 lightyears away from the Sun but was obscured by dust clouds before the geometry drive enabled exploration ships to uncover this peculiar nebula harbouring half a hundred G and F-class stars in close proximity. Their beam-like configuration gave the name of this region, which is also known as the Eloran Bubble in reference to the main inhabited world at its centre. It is controlled by a superpower known as the Eloran Ekumen.

It is little wonder that the Traverse, once charted by Starmoth Initiative ships, was very quick to be settled and developed. Traverse stars have vast habitable zones which translates into an unusual density of inhabitable worlds within this region: at least three Earth-like worlds and a dozen waterworlds ranging from archipelago planets to full deep water bodies with breathable atmospheres. A few fringe theories posit that the Traverse was the seat of ancient terraforming endeavours but according to the Starmoth Initiative such a concentration of habitable worlds is not statistically odd.

In the present day, one hundred and fifty years after the establishment of the Elora settlement, the Traverse is home to two hundred million human beings and vegetal intelligences, making it the second-biggest concentration of population in the Milky Way after Communal Space. It is a well-charted and well-travelled space noted for the sprawling biodiversity of its Earth-like worlds and the originality of its qith-based political system.

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