Algorab Expeditionary Corps

"All to Raven's Light."

The Algorab Expeditionary Corps is a semi-democratic polity that controls most of the Serene Sea. It has been created by Algorab with the specific goal of containing and countering the Sequence. Though it is technically a communal subsidiary of Algorab in practice it handles its own administration, supply lines and local economy. Its capital planet is Draugr. It is estimated that the Algorab Expeditionary Corps accounts for a total of fifty thousand military personnel with about one million people falling under its indirect jurisdiction. The Expeditionary Corps is governed by a council of civilian and military representatives that all come from the inner circle of Algorab. Its de facto leader is the vegetal AI known as Azches.

In theory, the Expeditionary Corps does not possess a military. In fact, it does not own anything: in legal terms, it is but a mere framework used for coordination. Its combat ships are manned by volunteers and are not officially registered as armed vessels. Its combat units are technically listed as scouting groups that can sometimes be armed. Its counterattacks against Sequence incursions are referred to as "aggressive sample recovery operations" carried out on behalf of Algorab. The cover is not subtle and there is a certain amount of self-defeating irony in the way the Expeditionary Corps frames its actions.

The Algorab Expeditionary Corps is a highly controversial polity. While its recent actions have prevented the Serene Sea conflict from escalating beyond the region many are arguing that the Expeditionary Corps is actively enforcing a policy of human supremacism by applying a xeno contact method that amounts to "shoot first and ask questions later." A criticism that Algorab addresses by stating that, precisely, the Sequence did shot first which is true but doesn't paint a complete picture of the situation. It completely forgets the fact that no one actually understands the Sequence and its intentions. 

Laniakean and Eloran ships in particular consider Algorab vessels and personnel as illegal combatants and do not hesitate to confront them outside of the Serene Sea.

Algorab logo created by Lazare Viennot.

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