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Asteroid Considerations

AI to AI conversations recorded on 3.07.2589 - Earth-Moon communications

Xenya (Verdurance-class AI, Babylon Station): Ok, so we should definitely do something about 1950 DA. It has about 90% chances of impacting the Earth within two years. Any volunteers to chuck a ship in its direction?

Alsich (Illuminate-class AI, Moon): Can somebody tell me why we didn't get a warning sooner?

Xenya: I have no idea. I guess the Earth's defences did not take it seriously?

Evelyn (Fungi-class VAI, Pacific ocean): Speaking of which, can't orbital defences handle it? Surely it wouldn't cost too much to the USRE to send a railgun shell this way?

Xenya: ??? The asteroid would probably shatter.

Evelyn: And the debris would later be picked by smaller crafts, problem solved. Why are we even discussing this?

Alsich: Ok, so let's be serious for a second. The reality is that Earth's defences messed this up and should have noticed this asteroid about six months ago, I have no idea why they missed it but they did anyway. So if we take care of it with a ship, we spare a lot of annoyances to a lot of people. Better get rid of 1950 DA in deep space than in a place where anyone with a telescope can see that the defences failed.

Evelyn: Bah. Let these idiots sort it out themselves.

Xenya: Nevermind, how much delta-v do we need to push this thing away?

Alsich: You can make your own calculations, but it's like, an hour of continuous thrust for a random cargo ship? Nothing important. Doable in a day.

Xenya: Right, I have an asteroid mining motherdrone near 1950 DA, I'll dispatch it.

Evelyn: Hey, what if we crashed it into a deserted area of the moon? That would be spectacular.

Xenya: Request denied.

Evelyn: You are aggressively unfun.

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