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From communal user Shoreh Avarala

Topic: What to do with Apollo remnants? (Communal debate 675-A)

So at present, we have six historical sites with remnants of Apollo missions scattered on the visible side of the moon, most of them being what's left of the LEMs and a few other elements like lunar rovers. A few facts for those who just joined the debate: the Apollo remains are in almost pristine shape even after five hundred years, they're just slightly damaged by micrometeorite impacts. Their historical value is extremely important, they represent a key element of one of the industrial age's main space programmes. They are the peak of what our ancestors in 1969 could achieve. Yes, I know the usual objections - they're also the symbol of a cold war that almost turned into nuclear annihilation, and they're also the achievement of a highly imperialistic power that played a great role in the collapse a century later.

But still.

I think we should keep them. As usual - never forget anything.

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