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Unconventional Motors

[Beginning of recording]

Operator: This is Elora traffic control to CRG-type vessel named "Don't Look Please", I am having trouble identifying your engine plumes, could you please specify your propulsion type and engine model so that I can direct you to the approach vector most suited to your situation?

Incoming transmission : [Garbled].

Operator: "Don't Look Please", say again.

Incoming transmission: We have transmitted the full specs of our ship.

Operator: Alright, please hang on a second.

[Garbled background noises.]

Operator Er, "Don't Look Please", I am going to need some additional details on that specifications sheet. It seems that some elements are missing. Unless I am mistaken you are not specifying any main engine apparatuses, I only see RCS thrusters in the propulsion section. What? Alright, "Don't Look Please", hang on for another while.

[Garbled background noises  a single swear word might be heard.]

Operator: "Don't Look Please", do you confirm that the piece of equipment mentioned under "High-Impulse Trebuchet" is in fact an electromagnetic mass driver with an exhaust velocity of 30 kilometres per second?

Incoming transmission: Er...confirm, yes.

[Another potential swear word.]

Operator: "Don't Look Please", I have an orbital tug about to translate towards your location. Please stand still, switch off all engines and do not, I repeat, do not perform a deceleration manoeuver. You are to keep your current course and switch everything down, understood? Please confirm.

Incoming transmission: I am not sure I...

Operator: Look, your main engine is a mass driver that fires chunks of rock at 30 kilometres per second in order to create thrust. You are in one of the most well-travelled systems in human space. What were you thinking? Seriously?

[A single swear word can be heard very clearly.]

Inspired by this.

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