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Lightness of the Wind

Based on a series of books by Eloran writer Farah Sahaak, Lightness of the Wind is a very popular tabletop RPG published by Samira and Keller, a well-known boardgame and publishing company based in the Traverse. It takes place in a 1960s-inspired setting, on a planet that is being slowly swallowed by a mysterious paracausal entity known as the Erème, that defies the common laws of physics. In this scattered, oil-less world, both trade and warfare are carried out by dirigibles and airships. The boardgame puts players in the shoes of an airship commander, albeit they do not play as a character in the traditional sense of the word, instead playing as the airship and its crew. It combines elements from both tactical boardgames and tabletop pen and paper RPGs. Airship navigation and combat is handled on a map, using airship miniatures and various markers, while adventures on the ground and on-board narratives are carried out via playing cards representing the various crewmembers manning a player's dirigible and their relationships. Rules-light, employing easy-to-kitbash miniatures and relying on an open-source game engine, Lightness of the Wind is quite appreciated among space crews, with a version of the rules even enabling zero-g games. Some people play it as a pure tactical wargame, while others circumvent the airship part entirely to only use the cards -- regardless of preferences, Lightness of the Wind is an extremely popular game, with dozens of ongoing official meta-campaigns that spaceship crews may catch up with by mail.

Through space and time shenanigans, the lore primer for the first edition can be found below, in pdf format:

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