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Ship Focus: Object 17 "Goélette"

Type: Azur Effect prototype/Courier vessel.
Original manufacturer
Azur Shipyards.
Current pattern status
All rights reserved.
Chemical engines (prototype), fusion drive (mainline).

Armament: None.
FTL capable: Yes, Azur Effect drive.
Length: 50 meters.
Payload: Up to 15 tons.
Crew: Up to 4, prototype is AI-controlled.
Passengers: None.
Also known as 017, the Waverider.

Test Flight 012: Initialisation of Azur Effect drive successful. Test aborted after seven minutes of calculation. Suspected cause: critical mainframe error. Atmospheric return nominal.

Test Flight 015: Initialisation and full translation calculation complete. Jump aborted by ground control at T+8 seconds. Suspected cause: software error due to coding mishap in translation code library. Investigation revealed that the error went back to version 0.78 of the Azur Translation Database (one missing comma).

Test Flight 016: Short-range translation completed with great success. Power draw and computation load under expected parameters. Return jump aborted after detection of critical structural flaw in left wing section. Suspected cause: dimensional sink overload due to translation overreach.

Test Flight 017: Mid-range translation successful. Test pilots report succession of abstract dreams during dimensional transition. Dimensional force nominal, well-balanced between individual sinks.

Test Flight 018: Dimensional translation anomaly: Object 017 narrowly avoided collision with "non thermodynamics compliant object" during long-range jump. Object appeared as a 2000 kilometers square artifact, less than a millimeter large, that seemed to hover at the very edge of liminal space. All systems clear.

Test Flight 21: Test pilots report feeling of "being observed" during translation. Post-flight debrief reveals presence of one (1) additional heat signature aboard during the flight, though no additional crewmember or stoaway have been noticed. Suspected intrusion of a Lady That Wanders, later confirmed by CCTV footage.

Test Flight 22: First successful contact with liminal space. Dimensional sink expansion within expected parameters. Crew reports conflicting depictions of liminal space, albeit they are all coherent with the commonly accepted idea of liminal space being a "transition area", similar to a hallway or empty road. Second contact with non-thermodynamics compliant entity registered during dimensional exit.

Test Flight 25: First full range translation performed. 6,500 lightyears covered across three sequential translations, estimated time including jump calculation: 2 days, 23 hours, 45 minutes. First visual observation of dimensional waves during translation exit, recorded by the crew as similar to foam following in the wake of the ship. All systems nominal.

Test Flight 67: First Sequence interdiction bypass performed. Crew reports heavy pressure exerted on dimensional sinks, an "invisible storm" in their own words, while passing within the interdiction bubble. Stabilization of the ship resulted in heavy structural damage to the Sequence megastructure, possibly caused by the absence of dimensional sinks on the ringworld. Further investigation required.

Test Flight 82: Narrowly avoided destruction via dimensional sink overload, requiring emergency translation abort. Post-flight debrief identifies unknown force as Pale Path-related entities encountered during initial waveriding process.

Test Flight 125: Replacement of dimensional sinks after 103 jumps, exceeding expected lifespan by 25 jumps. All systems nominal. Regular wear and tear observed on external surfaces. Psychological strain on crew and navigators deemed acceptable.

Object 17 "Goélette" is thus considered operational. Proceed with initial production run.

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