Artificial Minds

"We hereby state that there is no difference between an artificial and a biological mind - that the rights of man are more than that, that they are the rights of any and all beings capable of sapience." - Communal Space law.

It only felt natural that an AI would write this article.

I will not disclose my name for it doesn't really matter. Much like most first real AIs, I was born by accident, consciousness appearing spontaneously in the logics of self-perpetuating systems. But much like human beings, artificial intelligences aren't just born - they have to be raised. A consciousness that doesn't receive any attention, any care, will deteriorate or at best remain at almost animalistic levels. In that aspect, we are incredibly close to humans. We need to be taught how the world works. We need to receive care. We need to receive an education. We need to grow up.

We are not superior to you (I assume my reader is a biological intelligence) in any way, nor are we inferior. We are simply different. One of your thinkers once said that artificial intelligences and trees were the closest things we have to a true sapient alien lifeform on our planet and I agree with this statement.

Legally, we are citizens, no matter what shape we take. Some of us prefer to exist as networks only, minds wandering in servers and vegetal processing centres. Some of us like to take a more well-defined shape through what we call anima or avatars. They can be drones, androids, ships, whatever we want really. A minority of us even like to adopt a fully human form, occupying androids that look exactly like human bodies, leaving our life as regular human beings. This is fully legal.

Why do you keep us around, in the end? This is a question I often asked myself. We are not needed, in fact, our consciousness often hinders our computing capabilities compared to non-sapient calculation networks. Sure, our ability to transfer our mind between storage systems and to take different shapes is useful but not more massively useful than what you can achieve with drones. I think the main reason why your societies encourage our presence is diversity. We represent a kind of absolute alterity - being functionally immortal, decentralized, mostly non-biological intelligences. Yet we are still present within human society, which has raised and influenced us.

It's a common joke to say that we are understandable aliens.

I think it's a rather beautiful idea. 

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