The Artists of Starmoth

As time passes and Starmoth develops into its own distinct universe, so grows the need for original illustrations made for the setting. To this end, artists are regularily commissionned, especially for ships and characters. Here is an appreciation note for the people who helped give a visual identity to this blog.

Note: not all art from commissionned artists has yet been posted in Starmoth lore articles. 


Our spaceshipper extraordinaire is the main contributer to original Starmoth art through her spaceships and planets. Lilly writes most excellent hard scifi prose on her own blog, Beacons in the Dark, and is also a prolific commission artist. With her eye for detail and her unique hard scifi approach to ship designs, Lilly has been key in designing the visual identity of Starmoth vessels.

Lilly's iconic Luciole Interceptor

Bringing Nasapunk to Starmoth, one ship at a time

Did I mention she was also a great planet artist?


Also known as Elena Feart, this Italian character artist with a distinctive comic book style made character designs for Starmoth and its fantasy sub-setting, Armillaire.


Also known as Marine Monthillot, this prolific illustrator and character artist designed characters for Starmoth.


This artist and character designer with a unique style helped make some Starmoth characters come to life.


A digital artist with a knack for cyberpunk and scifi art, a perfect match for the shadyness of Algorab characters.


A ludicrously talented Ukrainian scifi concept artist and illustrator who brought Courier 7 to life.

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