Ladies That Wander

CW: intrusion, deprivation of privacy.


Subject: attempt at merging reports F-X6 to F-X100 under a single introduction.

Alright, I know what you are going to say. Human folklore is incredibly inventive, from the myths that are the pillars of modern religions to urban legends that flourish in literally every place humans have ever visited but this is different. This is different because we have hard data. Photographs. Interviews. Physical information. Sensor reports. We can't all be wrong at once. They exist.

They are creatures made of baryonic matter. This is essentially all I can say. To humans, they appear as dark-skinned, white-haired female-coded creatures in plain clothes. Though this physical form is seemingly capable of interacting with physical matter, walls and physical obstacles in general do not seem to be a hindrance for them. Furthermore, they seem to display this appearance only in presence of humans. Though I have not been capable of confirming this account, Laniakean teams on Okean report sightings of Ladies That Wander in Vriij form. They retained this shape for several milliseconds before presenting as their usual form as soon as they had detected human presence.

Ladies That Wander appear amicable and willing to interact with human beings, though they almost never talk. In fact, aside from their shared appearance, Ladies That Wanders are almost impossible to differentiate from humans without specific instrumentation. Though they do not seem to mind the presence of scientists and observers nearby, any attempt at isolating a Lady That Wander for close observation invariably results in the individual disappearing. They appear to be capable of spontaneous, unassisted faster than light travel across distances that may vary from a few meters to several thousand lightyears.

The most advanced theory we have is that the Ladies That Wander are some kind of transdimensional projection, using the same set of unknown physical rules as the geometry drive but based on a bodily form and not a space engine. They could come from any place in the galaxy and beyond and at this point. Are they independent organisms? Free-flowing information? Paracausal entities? We are completely at a loss here. They exist beyond our scientific understanding. They just...are. Like the geometry drive.

And I realize that I forgot to add a very troubling correlation here. The first sightings of Ladies That Wander correlate exactly with the first long-range geometry translation. Furthermore, Ladies That Wander bear more than a passing resemblance to Rani Spengler, the woman who discovered and reverse-engineered the geometry drive.

Make of that what you will.

Nb: if you did not have your daily dose of spookiness, I would like to note the Ladies That Wander may be linked to the paracausal entity known as The Moth. 

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